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The Phoenix Brand

Arch Half Zip Pullover


About the Shirt

A modern rendition of the classic pullover. This half zip features a relaxed fit, and front and back embroidery detail. Constructed with 'towelish' texture terry cloth fabric made from 100% organic cotton and non-toxic, low impact dyes. 

About Augie Bello

Designed in partnership with NYC based saxophonist, singer, song writer, and producer, Augie Bello. Augie's music pushes the boundaries of traditional genres, modernizing classical sounds with elements of R&B, pop, and jazz. Augie has developed a reputation and identity that transcends beyond the title, musician.  His fans love him not only for his music and artistry but his comedic videos and witty satirical take on pop culture. 

The embroidery artwork represents the story behind Augie's newest song release, 'Queen No Crown', which depicts the story of rising above and breaking free of a friend and musician collaborator whose negativity and discouragement constantly tore him down. Once he cut ties, his music career took off.  His lesson? Let the haters hate, rise above it and success is yours.

Check out 'Queen No Crown' on Spotify

A portion of all sales goes back to Augie to further support his artist journey.