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Anti-Social Extrovert Candle


You silly extrovert - you want alone time too! Enjoy it with this candle that has notes of passionfruit, orchid, papaya, guaiac wood and copal. inspired by being able to talk to complete strangers, yet prefer to be solo, and can still love gatherings!

Available in 8oz and 12oz candle with a crackling wood wick. Wax made of coconut and apricot. Handmade and colors shown in pictures may vary.

Candle Care:
 The first time this luxurious décor piece is lit, please ensure that wax melts completely to the edges. This is done to ensure an even burn towards the bottom.
 Never burn the candle longer than 3 consecutive hours at a time. Do not move while lit and/or while wax is hot and melted. Please allow candle to completely cool before moving.
 Trim wicks to 1/8”-1/4" before each lit session, to avoid excessive smoking, particles in the wax, and/or overheating. Wax can be trimmed by gently removing black burnt portion from wick. For wick trimming we highly recommend these options: wick trimmers, tweezers, nail clippers and if all else fails you may pinch the burnt part off by hand.
 Never burn near anything that is flammable and/or that can catch fire.