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Jana's Ice Bath Challenge for VBCF!


Jana's Ice Bath Challenge for VBCF!

Hello, wonderful supporters! Mara Hair and Mode Studio and High Side are committed to fundraising for the Virginia Breast Cancer Foundation during our Pinktoberfest event (10/8). We've challenged each other to take a bold step in demonstrating our support. While High Side's owner, Jinson, is going to dye his hair pink, I'm stepping up (or rather, stepping in... to an ice bath!) but with a twist...

In order to see me take a chilly 1-minute ice bath in front of everyone at the event we have to receive $2000 or more donations for the Virginia Breast Cancer Fundraiser (VBCF) on THIS PAGE before the event. Can we make it? With your support, absolutely!


Choose from one of the fun donation amounts below and help me reach the goal:

  • $10 - "Just a Splash!" "A small splash for you, a big step closer to my icy plunge!"
  • $25 - "Ice Cube Contributor!" "You're adding a cube to the bath and warmth to many hearts!"
  • $50 - "Frosty Fanatic!" "It's getting colder! You're making a significant dent in our goal and in my body temperature."
  • $100 - "Blizzard Boss!" "Channeling your inner Elsa? With your 'Frozen' generosity, you're telling me to 'Let it Go' right into that ice bath! Thanks for turning the cold up and lighting the way with hope!"


Every penny counts in supporting VBCF and pushing me towards a teeth-chattering experience. Your donation means the world to those fighting breast cancer and to everyone bracing to watch me dive in! Let's make Pinktoberfest one to remember. Thank you for your generosity! 💖🛁❄️

Donate now!

And don't forget to get your tickets to Pinktoberfest to watch the icy magic unfold: